The Formal Bit

Terms and Conditions


 Payment of your Deposit and return of your Booking Form deems you to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions. 

1. All goods for the HIRE remain the property of Big Day Bunting.   

2. Delivery to the named person passes responsibility for the Wedding Bunting on to that person. 

3. Booking Deposits are non-refundable. 

4. The customer undertakes not to lend, offer or try to sell these goods. 

5. You must ensure that Delivery can be completed by letting the Named Person know when the Courier will arrive. 

6.   The Venue/Hotel is not responsible for the Bunting; this is the  Hirer’s  responsibility. Arrangement must be made for Safe storage of  the  Bunting until Courier collection. It must not be left on display at  the  venue the day following the Wedding. [Unless that is a private  venue and there is a continuation of the celebration.] It must not be  left up overnight, outside.

7.  We send BDB  Bunting well in advance of the Wedding with a renowned  reputable  courier and cannot accept responsibility for breakdown/late  arrival.  But in the event of a planned Postal dispute, we would look at other  means of getting your Wedding Bunting to you.

8.  Funds for the Hire must have cleared by the dispatch date.

Hire Period

 Normally   Thursday PM or Friday AM. Delivery. For sending to a destination such  as the Western Isles, or Shetland, we will send well in advance of this.  We will also change the Delivery and Collection times if your wedding  is not at the weekend. Our arrangements will depend on your Wedding  plans.

Collection from the named person is on   the Monday AM. for a weekend Wedding or by arrangement for a mid-week  Wedding, or for Island / Shetland Weddings.


Big   Day Bunting accepts no responsibility for any injuries or damage to  any  persons or property arising from any Bunting on Hire. 


Please ensure your marquee company has Insurance covering all Hired goods. 

Fabric content

Some Bunting may not be 100% cotton.   

Last minute orders

This   is an order less than  4 weeks before the Wedding. Payment must be  made  in full on booking Wedding Bunting in this situation.  We will do  our  best to arrange for the Hire one of our gorgeous Bunting Sets for  you.